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The 24” Baldr gong is made from phosphor bronze, which has a unique and incredibly deep fundamental tone, both warm and firm in character. The edge bloom of this gong is phenomenal in its deep rumble and subtle overtones.


At 24" This gong sits between a handheld and suspended gong, and can be played in both ways, each inviting you to explore a different style of playing the gong.


The name Baldr has been engraved on the back of the gong around the boss in old norse runes. Baldr is a figure from old germanic mythology and is energetically connected with the energy of the sun and the heart. During the making of this instrument I intentionally connect to this world of experience and join this energy in cocreation with the metal of the gong.

The deep tones of the gong invite the listener to a state of restful peace which form the basis to experience the beautiful, creative solar or "Baldr" state.


Andromeda gongs are all hand forged by me, and each one is a unique instrument.


Thousands of polished hammer marks on this polished bronze gong catch the light and cause it to fill its surroundings with a beautiful, organic radiance. The shape has been inspired by nature and the waveform of sound itself.


This gong comes with its own gong bag and mallet, so you can start playing it right away.


All gongs are made to order.

24" Baldr Gong - Bronze

€ 1.595,00Prijs
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