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This wonderful gong is 23.5 inch (60cm) in diameter.

This gong distinguishes itself from its smaller cousins in its wide range of sounds. Striking the central boss creates a wonderful, clear tone. From the middle you can evoke deeper tones, and playing it at the edges will build up a cascading roar.

At a weight of 5.9kg, this gong is at the border of a hand held gong and a suspended one.

When I make a gong like this one, I work with an intention. This means that I create or witness an energy form and connect it with the instrument while I make it. This is a beautiful process that always amazes and surprises me. The resulting instruments have energies that carry qualities of being and wisdom-filled insights that can teach and heal us.

All gongs are made to order.

I’m a trained blacksmith. I also work in line with a spiritual tradition of gong and singing bowl makers. Under the guidance of the Dutch sound master Ton Akkermans, I’ve inherited the techniques and learned to perceive and work with energies and spiritual beings.

If you would like to know more about my gongs, or about my work, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I would also be happy to make a personal gong for you, if you would like a gong with a special intention.

Andromeda Gong 23.5"

€ 1.395,00Prijs
  • Andromeda Gongs

    Beautiful, unique, hand forged sound instruments made by Jesse Blauwhof.

    Connect with the intention and spiritual world of your instrument through listening, meditation and the atmosphere it provides.

    Care instructions

    Andromeda Gongs are coated in a thin layer of microcrystalline wax to prevent oxidization. If your gong gets dirty, wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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