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A beam of audible light.


This bowl is connected to the wisdom of the sun, the inner qualities of gold. As I made the bowl, I saw the old germanic figure of Baldr, a solar being, take up the spear Gungnir from his father, Odin. A beautiful image of the transformation of consciousness.

You can use this bowl to work with this beautiful energy and consciousness. To draw inspiration from it and to connect with the gold within your own heart, your sun.


A singing bowl is an ancient kind of instrument used in meditation and healing. The pure sound it emits is like a stream of light that goes right to the core. It is soothing, softening and opening, and it allows you to step into a whole new world of inner experience.


This singing bowl has been hand forged with love and care to create a unique instrument. During the process of making a bowl, it passes through many stages. Through fire and water,  cleaning and hammering. All the while it is being made with a specific purpose, a specific intention held in the mind and heart of the maker. Through this, a relationship between the intention and the singing bowl comes about. The bowl with its sound takes up this energy and intention to work in the world.


This beautiful instrument can become your joyous friend to start or finish your day with in a moment of meditation. Allow yourself to go on a journey with its sound.


The bowl comes together with a sounding rod and an organic cotton bag to keep it safe, so you will have all you need to play your new instrument.

Bronze Singing Bowl 12.2cm "Solar Consciousness"

€ 159,50Prijs
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