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When making this gong I witness and make a connection with the grounding energy of our Earth, and ask this energy to be joined with the gong in cooperation with the elemental beings.

Being grounded centers you, helps you to be present and makes you capable of bringing your unique qualities as a human being to bear in life.

You can ask the gong to help you with being grounded. It is like a gentle gravity that holds you to the earth, and a connection deep into the Earth’s core.

A 20” Earth gong has a deep, relaxing fundamental sound when played gently. When struck harder on the boss, or gently at the edge, it will release a rumbling sound to accompany the fundamental, along with a range of overtones.

Andromeda gongs are all hand forged by me, and each one is a unique instrument.

Thousands of polished hammer marks on this polished brass gong catch the light and cause it to fill its surroundings with a beautiful, organic radiance. The shape has been inspired by nature and the waveform of sound itself.

This gong comes with its own gong bag and mallet, so you can start playing it right away.

All gongs are made to order.

Earth Gong 20"

€ 875,00Prijs
  • Andromeda Gongs

    Beautiful, unique, hand forged sound instruments made by Jesse Blauwhof.

    Connect with the intention and spiritual world of your instrument through listening, meditation and the atmosphere it provides.

    Care instructions

    Andromeda Gongs are coated in a thin layer of microcrystalline wax to prevent oxidization. If your gong gets dirty, wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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