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These small, beautiful square cymbals are made from brass. They have a joyous tone that awakens and calms the listener.


These cymbals can be used in the same way as tingsha's, which are traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals, for opening meditations or prayer sessions.

With their enlivening sounds they are great to call for inner attentiveness. They are perfect to use in sound baths and sound healing.


These small cymbals are 1.6" and 1.8" in size. (4 and 4.5cm).

They come in a little gift box so they are perfect for giving as a gift to yourself or a loved one.


Playing the cymbals can be done by touching them together softly or by using a metal striking rod. These are sold seperately in my shop.

Set of Brass Square Cymbals - medium

€ 47,50Prijs
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