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Fundamental note (struck on the boss) E2 82Hz.


Price includes shipping, gong bag and mallet.


Ymir, engraved in old Norse runes on the back of the gong, is a figure from

old european mythology.


As part of the way of forging these gongs, I work with an intention to place the gong within a certain state of energy. When you sound and meditate on the gong, this energy becomes perceptible and part of the experience. 



I remember giants

born before time

those who in the olden days

had me fostered

Nine worlds I remember

Nine Witches Within Wood

Before the Mead-Tree

sprouted from the ground below


In the beginning was the Wave

where Sound built

was neither sand nor sea,

nor cool little waves

Earth was not,

nor heaven above

The Open Mouth of the

Sacred Descendants was

yet no growth


Ek man jötna ár um borna,

þá er forðum mik fœdda höfðu;

níu man ek heima, níu íviði,

mjötvið mœran fyr mold neðan.


Ár var alda þar er Ýmir bygði,

vara sandr né sær né svalar unnir,

jörð fannsk æva né upphiminn,

gap var ginnunga, en gras hvergi.


Ár var alda. In the beginning was the Wave.

þar er Ýmir bygði. Within which Sound (Ymir) built.


Ymir, the great sound, building in the Wave.

Ymir was born from two streams. The northern, cold, crystallizing force of Niflheim, running into the void of Ginnungagap, and the southern hot streams coming from Muspelheim.

Within consciousness from the void, Niflheim and Muspelheim arose.

The crystallizing force of Niflheim was divine thought, creatively thinking out. This was then enlivened by the volcanic warmth of Will. Will that melted the frozen streams of Élivágar.

What happens when a thought is not left by itself, but enlivened with the Will? It becomes intention. It is the will that sets the plan into motion, becoming creative.

Ymir is the movement of the enlivened, warmed divine thought of creation, moving into space becoming.

Ymir Gong 27.5" (in stock)

€ 1.995,00Prijs
  • Andromeda Gongs

    Beautiful, unique, hand forged sound instruments made by Jesse Blauwhof.

    Connect with the intention and spiritual world of your instrument through listening, meditation and the atmosphere it provides.

    Care instructions

    Andromeda Gongs are coated in a thin layer of microcrystalline wax to prevent oxidization. If your gong gets dirty, wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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